About Fantuan

Fantuan was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2014. With a mission of “life made easier”, we are a technology company that provides a one-stop platform connecting people and their local community. Fantuan operates in major cities across Canada, the United States, Australia and the UK. As the world's leading life service platform, we enable our users to unlock access to the richness of their neighborhood and the city. From food and grocery delivery to convenience and daily deals, Fantuan is bringing communities closer together than ever before.

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Fantuan Milestones

Lead you through the history of Fantuan

2014.11  Fantuan was founded

Fantuan was founded in Vancouver, Canada. With our first office opening in the city of Burnaby

2016.09  Expanded to Toronto

Fantuan completed its first ever expansion to Toronto, Canada

2017.04  Launched self-pickup service

Allows users to disregard delivery fees and tips by picking up their orders from the restaurants

2018.09  Launched Fantuan Reviews

Leading online review and coupon platform

2018.12  Raised seed Round

Fantuan received funding from several well-known VC firms

2019.03   Expanded to the U.S.A

Fantuan completed its first ever expansion to the US, starting with Seattle

2021.01  Launched English App

Fantuan released the English version of its app in Vancouver, allowing English speaking locals to use Fantuan’s services

2020.03  Completed Series A financing

Completed the second round of financing

2022.03  Expanded to Australia

Fantuan completed its first ever expansion to the Australia

2022.05  Expanded to the U.K

Fantuan completed its first ever expansion to the U.K

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