Why deliver with Fantuan?

Flexible hours, competitive income. Enjoy the flexibility of where, when and how much you earn.

Flexible hours

You are your own boss! Enjoy complete freedom in deciding the time to work - the choice is up to you, Monday to Sunday!

Competitive income

Our many daily orders will result in an increase of your income, which you can receive and keep track of conveniently through our driver app!

More transportation methods

Just need a driver’s license and have the choice of different transportation - car, electric car or bicycle - to perform your deliveries!

Meet the people moving Fantuan

Meet the people, delivering with Fantuan

Because I want to work on a more flexible way, I chose to be my own boss and made food deliveries for restaurants. At first it might be challenging as you are not familiar with the route, but things get better as I deliver more. If anything happens, I can also contact customer service for help, which is very convenient.


-Joined 2019

Driver Requirement

Delivery Requirements

- At least 18 years old or older
- You must have a car, motorcycle or electric motorcycle
- A valid driver's license
- A valid Social Insurance Number(Canada)/ A valid Social Security Number(U.S)
- A valid personal bank account number(VOID CHEQUE, Direct Deposit Information,etc)


How do I make earnings?

Delivery fee and tips will be your main source of earning when you deliver. 

How much can I earn?

Each courier is different, depending on your orders on your work day. 

How many orders that I can get each day?

Each courier is different, depending on the hands-on experience (e.g. familiarity of restaurants, traffic conditions and special occasions) and delivery efficiency. The more experienced is the courier, the more orders they can deliver. 

When am I going to receive my earnings?

Normally, your earnings will be calculated and transferred to your bank account twice each week. The pay for Thursday to Sunday will be transferred on the next Tuesday, while the pay for Monday to Wednesday will be transferred on Friday in the same week. Statutory holidays might extend the pay transfer by one day.

When can I get started?

Once you have completed the onboarding procedure, got the approvals from your regional manager, picked up the delivery equipments and have your vehicle ready, you can get started right away. 

How can I check my application status?

Once you sign up a new account, you can download [Fantuan Courier] to keep track of your application status. We also sync your application progress via emails and phone messages. 

Are there vehicle equirements for driving with Fantuan Courier, do I need to use my own vehicle.

Fantuan couriers could prepare their own vehicles, or they could rent Fantuan's electric bike.

Do I need any experience to be a Fantuan courier?

 Not at all! You don't need any prior work experience. But if you do have previous experience in the courier service industry, we will give priority to your application. 

Except vehicle, do I need to prepare any delivery tools?

Once your application is approved, we will offer you thermal bags and delivery vest. Once your delivery equipments are ready, you can start to deliver.

Do I need working permits to work as a Fantuan Courier?

Yes, you must have a valid working permit, (SIN/SSN) to work as a Fantuan courier. 

I am an international student, can I deliver with Fantuan(become a courier)?

As long as you have a legal work permit/ SSN card/SIN card, you can deliver with Fantuan.

What's the delivery process?

Once you start to deliver, we will assign you new orders, you can choose to accept the orders based on your situations. Once you accept an order, there are generally three steps to follow: 
1 Drive to the restaurant, and pick up the food.
2 Confirm the order number with restaurants, and wait for picking up the food in restaurants. 
3 Deliver the food to the customer address. 

What's my delivery area?

You will deliver for the partnering restaurants that are located within your selected service area(s). Customers might be located outside of your service area(s), but the delivery fee will be adjusted accordingly. 

Get Started

Flexible hours and easy money - fill out the application to become a Fantuan Delivery courier. We look forward to your joining!